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9 April 2017 19:00–22:00
Gorky Park
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Free guided tours through Triennial’s Street Morphology
Street Morphology, one of the Triennial’s vectors, is presented across three locations in Gorky Park: the Park administration building, the former Garage Pavilion site, and the area around the Hexagon. Street Morphology has gathered artists who often prefer to stay anonymous and to communicate only via their art with the outer world.

Udmurt continues an ongoing series of interventions Dead Language (2015 – ), in which the incomprehensible nature of tagging language is highlighted through the use of Latin translations of witty slang aphorisms in Russian. The artist has hidden one such phrase in plain sight within Garage’s future building, the Hexagon. Handwritten on the back of one of the huge banners enveloping the building, it can be viewed from a special position, creating an intimate yet public intervention.

For the Triennial, the anonymous group TOY have opted for a different type of autobiographical tag and created a large sculpture made of a truck tire. Entitled Flowerbed, the work consists of large lorry tire, inside of which two small birches are planted.

Inspired by the half-dismantled former Garage Pavilion in Gorky Park, designed by architect Shigeru Ban, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai revamps its ruins by creating an atmosphere of Parthenon-style architecture. Thirty large replicas of ancient sculptures made of his signature plywood cut-outs are installed on the oval roof of the building, producing a fleeting impression of a Greek temple.

The next tour spot will become a colorful work by Kirill Lebedev (Kto) on the Garage office wall. The artist has created a monumental work executed with the use of his recognizable psychedelic colors.

The tour ends with ZLYE’s interactive video projection. They have organized a series of public competition nights for the Triennial. Visitors of all ages are invited to compete in a customized version of the game Nu, pogodi!, a title taken from a popular early Soviet video game. ZLYE’s version of the game will be projected on one of the walls of the Gorky Park administration building. At the end of the Triennial, the overall winner of the public competition will receive a special award.