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Public program
14 May 2017 13:00–17:00
Garage Atrium
Free 0+
Family Days at Garage
Seminars, Workshops & Training
Family Days are a great opportunity for children and adults to have fun and learn in a museum. The weekend program includes workshops, sketching tours, and special offers on children’s books at Garage Bookshop. In Spring, family days will be devoted to the Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. Families with kids over five years old can take part in four workshops focusing on various aspects of visual arts: shape, colour, texture, and scale. In each workshop, participants will learn about works featured in the current exhibition and the way they were produced—and make their own works of art. The program is designed for children aged five and older and their parents.


Travel Book

Shape Workshop

We will make a screenfold book for our imaginary character to travel its pages.

Fusion Cuisine on Mars

Color Workshop

What is Martian food like? Can there be blue lemons? How do Martians decorate their dishes? We will make illustrated menus from all corners of the universe and discuss the colors of food on different planets.

Traveller’s Map

Texture and Materials Workshop

Dangerous paths and passages, mysteries, and obstacles… Where will our travels take us? We will make a map for a dangerous but exciting journey, creating seas of thread, and forests of toothpicks.

Travel Costume

Scale and Size Workshop

Planes, cars, trains… How else can we travel? In this workshop, we will make travel costumes for ourselves or imaginary characters.

Sketching Tour 8+

We will map the exhibition and come up with our own itineraries for visitors to the show.