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7 April 2017 19:00–22:00
Garage Auditorium
Free 15–17
An Evening of Radical Performance
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Taisia Krugovykh and Vasily Bogatov from Gogol’s Wives will talk about documentation of radical performance.

In the 2010s Russia has seen a series of radical artistic interventions in urban space, including those by Voina, Pussy Riot and Pyotr Pavlensky. What was behind the artists’ gestures? How did they come up with their ideas and how did they prepare for their performances? What happened after?

Taisia Krugovykh and Vasily Bogatov will discuss their work as Gogol’s Wives with Triennial curators Tatyana Volkova and Alexandra Obukhova and introduce some of their films (excerpts will be screened).


Vasily Bogatov was born in Moscow in 1984. He graduated from the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in 2008 and studied at the High Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors until 2012. In 2011, he joined Taisia Krugovykh to form Gogol’s Wives and made the film Mother Road, about an action by the Moscow-based art group Voina. In 2013, Bogatov and Krugovykh shot Pussy versus Putin devoted to the group Pussy Riot and the protests that followed the arrest of its members.

Taisia Krugovykh was born in 1981 in Sudan. She has graduated in Acting from the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS). She makes videos and has taken part in group exhibitions in Moscow, Almaty and Amsterdam. She teaches the theory of montage at several film schools.