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24 March 2017 20:00–22:00
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Free 15–17
Implicit Impacts
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Implicit Impacts is a show and a journey where actors and audience members become co-authors of the story.

The storyline of Implicit Impacts is developed jointly by actors and audience members. Participants meet at the starting point, where the actors propose a general direction for the story, based on seminal works by writers, poets, and philosophers of the past and contemporary playwrights, and their own ideas on life, learning, sexuality, work, and the everyday. Audience members decide which path to take, which texts to read, and which improvisations to perform.

As the show’s commissioner, Vsevolod Lisovsky, explains, “anyone can affect anything, no matter where they are. The project is an experiment for bold people who are open to seeing themselves and the world around them from a new perspective—ready to find themselves in an unfamiliar setting and take responsibility. One way or another, we all have an impact on each other and the world. We want to explore this interconnectedness and engage the audience in the creative process. On this journey, we don’t distinguish between actors and audience members—everyone is a participant. There are, however, three groups of participants: those who know the text, those who know they are taking part in a show, and those who have no idea what’s going on. The last group includes passers-by, passengers on public transport, shoppers and shop assistants in malls, police officers, and anyone who we meet along the way.”

Actors: Anastasia Slonina, Darya Demidova, Marina Ganakh, Marina Karlysheva, Alina Ponomareva, Lyudmila Kornienko, Ulyana Vaskovich, Sergey Fisher, Nikita Shetinin, and Vasily Berezin. Choreography by Evgenia Milyaeva.

Based on writings by Immanuel Kant, Mikhail Durnenkov, Thomas Mann, Sergey Davydov, William Faulkner, Elena Gremina, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marina Krapivina, Tristan Tzara, Ksenia Uvarova, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Ksenia Tolmazina, Baruch Spinoza, Eduard Asadov, Plato, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Gustav Meyrink, Werner Heisenberg, Vladimir Sorokin, Marquis de Sade, Andrei Platonov, and Guillaume Apollinaire, among others.


Vsevolod Lisovsky (b. 1967, Rostov-on-Don) lives and works in Moscow. He is a director, script writer, and TV producer. Since 1988, he has collaborated with the artist groups Art or Death and Non-Governmental Control Commission. His shows include 89–93 (Squats), which reconstructed the activities of the Moscow art squat Tryokhprudny Lane Studios; Akyn Opera, awarded a special prize at the Golden Mask Theater Festival; the migrant ballet Spatula; Silence with a Theme; and The Silence of Great Masters. All his shows were staged at Theater.doc in Moscow. Implicit Impacts has been in the repertoire there since June 2016.