Triennial Artists
Where Dogs Run

Where Dogs Run is a collective symbolically established in 1961, when Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew to outer space for the first time in human history. It became active only in 2000, with the group’s initial experiments in electro-engineering producing various (mostly miniature) forms with which to populate spaces. Since then, the group has created media and video installations, performances, and kinetic sculptures, including an electromechanical street-organ that serves as an archive of entire environments through their smells, sounds, and situations; ball- robots that combine pure mathematical models with real-life physical parameters making the balls’ movements unpredictable over time; and a mixed media installation creating the illusion of consciousness in non-living matter through a magnetic fluid that takes the shape of an eye and follows the viewer. Examining both artificial intelligence and illusions created by art and technology—and the spontaneous bodily experiences they provoke—Where Dogs Run have created the first prototype of Robocadilo (2017), a portable automated censer which calculates levels of good and evil in the environment. A small, pendulum-like device disperses incense at varying rates based on readings from a Geiger counter.

Snejana Krasteva


Where Dogs Run was founded in 2000 in Yekaterinburg and its members are Vlad Bulatov (b. 1975, Sverdlovsk, USSR), Natalya Grekhova (b. 1976, Kamensk- Uralskiy, USSR), Olga Inozemtseva (b. 1977, Yalutorovsk, USSR) and Aleksei Korzukhin (b. 1973, Sverdlovsk, USSR) They live and work in Yekaterinburg. Solo exhibitions include: Trialogue, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Yekaterinburg (2013). Group exhibitions include: I Feel You, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Tomsk (2014); 1,4..19, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Yekaterinburg (2014); Science Museums in the 21st Century, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Nizhny Novgorod (2014); 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2013); 5th edition of NARRACJE Festival, Gdansk (2013); Art against Geography, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm (2013); Museum of Contemporary Art: Department of Labor and Employment, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (2013); Sopromat, ArtPlay Design Center, Moscow (2013); Dreams for Those who Stay Awake, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (2013); 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale, Yekaterinburg (2012); and The Russian Art Show, Calvert 22, London (2012).