Triennial Artists

Artist Ulyana Bychenkova and scholar Alexandra Talaver attach a great deal of importance to public discussion that makes it possible to articulate individual experiences, talk about current problems, and search for a suitable language to address difficult issues. Urbanfeminism aims to bring together urban studies, various art practices, and actionism. It addresses issues of critical geography, sociology, urban planning, and the cultural study of the everyday life of women and vulnerable social groups. In particular, it examines a number of levels where gender and urban problems intersect: the symbolic level (representation of female history and the female body in the urban environment); the level of urban planning (accessibility of territories and spaces for small children and parents with babies); and the everyday level (safety in the city for women moving about alone and people with non-binary sexual identities). As part of the project, Bychenkova and Talaver have held several discussions on the genderization of the urban space. They have also organized self-defense classes for women and several charity craftivism fairs. These events led to the publication of zines that were distributed in exchange for donations to Sisters, a center for victims of sexual assault which is no longer subsidized by the government.

Ilmira Bolotyan


The research and action project Urbanfeminism was launched in 2015 by Ulyana Bychenkova and Alexandra Talaver. Ulyana Bychenkova (b. 1986, Kerch, Ukraine), lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts with a degree in fine and graphic art in 2011, and from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in 2015. She is currently studying at the School for Engaged Art, St. Petersburg. Bychenkova is a member of the art groups Pripoy, Flying Cooperation, and Welcome to the Dollhouse. Group exhibitions include: Fragility Policy, Na Shabolovke Gallery, Moscow (2016); Psycho, Fabrika Center for Creative Industries, Moscow (2016); A Is for Art and F is for Feminism: A Contemporary Dictionary, NIIDAR, Moscow (2015); The Voice of Moscow, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow (2014); Coordinate System, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv (2013); and Novoyaz, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev (2011). She was awarded a prize at the NON STOP Media Festival (Ukraine, 2012). Alexandra Talaver (b. 1991, Zhitomir, Ukraine) lives and works in Budapest. In 2014, she obtained a master’s degree from the School of Cultural Studies of the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in gender studies at Central European University, Budapest. Group exhibitions include: A Is for Art and F Is for Feminism: A Contemporary Dictionary, NIIDAR, Moscow (2015) and Urban Political Theater, School of Cultural Studies, Higher School of Economics, Moscow (2012).