Triennial Artists
Evgeny Antufiev

Evgeny Antufiev is one of the most prominent Russian artists of his generation. An active mythmaker, he devotes a lot of time to collecting and studying materials on Russian history and culture. These studies have allowed him to create a full-fledged plastic language that makes use of archaic and folk art and archive materials to tell original stories about, say, Anna Pavlova, Vladimir Nabokov, Russian cosmism, or catalogues of imaginary and real beings, as in the work of Borges or the British Baroque writer Dr. Thomas Brown. Antufiev makes complex narrative structures, testing the very idea of the catalogue, the museum and museum forms of representation, memory, and history and, in the process, changing our attitudes to the collective and individual past. The Triennial presents a compendium of the artist’s main images and techniques: monumental wooden sculptures in the tradition of archaic art such as that of the Scythians or the Etruscans, a showcase-reliquary with found or intentionally discovered “treasures,” and wall-mounted objects, each of which is a symbol whose meaning unfolds in the ritual mystic space of Antufiev’s art.

Katya Inozemtseva


Evgeny Antufiev (b. 1986, Kyzyl, Russia) lives and works in Kyzyl and Moscow. He graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow in 2009. Solo exhibitions include: Seven Underground Kings or a Brief Story of the Shadow, Regina Gallery, Moscow (2015); Immortality Forever, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (2015); Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones, and marble– fusion. Exploring materials, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia and Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (2013–2014); Wings of Horror, Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg (2010); Myths of My Childhood, Globus Gallery, St. Petersburg (2009); and Objects of Protection, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow (2008). Group exhibitions include: CABARET KULTURA with V-A-C Live, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2016); Manifesta 11, Zurich (2016); Garden of Eden, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); Ostalgia, New Museum, New York (2011); and Needle Work, Proun Gallery, Moscow (2009). He has been awarded the Kandinsky Prize (Russia, 2009).