Triennial Artists
Anastasia Potemkina

Anastasia Potemkina is known for her work with Urban Fauna Lab, which studies the parasitic and symbiotic relations that arise between people, animals, and plants in cities in order to help them all to adapt. In her solo work, she focuses on emancipative practices in everyday life, identifying destructive and repressive elements that have become routines or even rituals. She analyzes situations in which human behavior is conditioned by fears and complexes stemming from patriarchal cultural codes and official mass culture. She differs from other artists working with political and gender themes as a result of her intense desire to give alternative interpretations of issues, often in a positive light. She does this by confronting conflict situations. In Bruise (2014), she displays the intimate sphere using an album of photos of body parts covered with bruises. This is followed by a video performance in which the artist gives herself a tattoo in the form of a bruise, making a temporary sign of violence permanent, and showing that most conflicts in society are resolved in a physical way. Finally, a series of watercolor sketches turns traces of this physical violence into aesthetically appealing images that show how an artist can overturn stereotypes of social and political issues.

Ilmira Bolotyan


Anastasia Potemkina (b. 1984, Moscow, Russia) lives and works in Moscow. In 2008, she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture where she majored in experimental architectural design. In 2012 and 2013, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since 2011, she has been a member of the group Urban Fauna Lab. Her only solo to show to date, A Few Words about Civility, took place at Taiga Center, St. Petersburg, as part of Manifesta 10 (2014). Group exhibitions include: Young Blood, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow (2016); IK-00: The Spaces of Confinement, Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice (2014); Angry Birds, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2012); and The Way of Enthusiasts, Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice (2012).